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Contact by Department

Consulting Department
  • Karen West – CEO/ Founder / Consultant
    Email: Karen.West@earth-sevices.com
Accounting Department
  • Vanessa Palmer – Accounting Manager
    Phone: +1(310)-642-6950
    Email: Vanessa.Palmer@earth-services.com
  • Accounting / Billing Group:
    Email: Accounting@earth-services.com
Sales Department
  • Damion Parker – Sales Manager
    Phone: +1(310) 642-6955
    Email: DParker@earth-services.com
  • Edris Jones – Marketing Manager / Sales Partner
    Phone: +1(310) 642-6958
    Email: EJones@earth-services.com
  • General Pricing
    Email: Pricing@earth-services.com
  • General Sales
    Email: sales2@earth-services.com
Operations Department
  • Daisy Martinez – Operations Manager
    Phone: +1(310)-642-5954
    Email: DMartinez@earth-services.com
  • Christian West – Operations Associate
    Phone: +1(310)-642-6952
    Email: CWest@earth-services.com
  • Operations Group
    Email: Operations@earth-services.com
Customs Department
  • Antonia Pizano – Customs Clearance Manager
    Phone: +1(310)-642-5951
    Email: AntoniaPizano@earth-services.com
  • Customs Clearance Group
    Email: CHB@earth-services.com
    Email: CHB2@earth-services.com